Part 2: Semen Retention

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9 min readJul 17, 2020

“There is no medicine, or food, and no spiritual salvation that can prolong a man’s life if he fails to understand or practice the harmony of sexual energy.” P’eng Tsu

Conservation of sexual energy is the first principle of energy cultivation.

Ejaculation for purposes other than having children is a loss of extremely precious treasure.

Continual energy loss over long periods of time ends up weakening the physical health of the male, leading to unconscious emotional anger towards women, and rob the male of higher mind and spirit of it’s power to rejuvenate itself.

Natural Movement of the Microcosmic Orbit

“Real sexual fulfillment lies not in feeling the life going out of you, but in increasing awareness of the vital current that flows through the loins.”

The Value of Sperm

Sexual essence is a powerful, vital energy that is constantly being generated within the body. Sexual essence is what drives the engine of passing down one’s genes to the offspring. This sexual essence is the link between man and the higher level of the spiritual world. Cultivating and refining one’s sexual essence is the way humans return to pure consciousness and experience the deepest rhythms of life.

Sperm is the place where the male sexual energy is stored. Manufacturing of the sperm fluid consumes up to a third of a man’s daily energy output and is taxing on the male glandular and immunological system.

Ancient sages considered one drop of semen to be equal in vital power to one hundreds drops of blood. Semen was viewed as an extremely potent and powerful substance that took the body more work to create than blood.

Scientific analysis has shown that one’s semen contains a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions, enzymes, and other vital nutritional substances. All of these substances are important in providing the proper exchange of information and life force to a potential new being. Without the work and taxing creation of sperm such new life wouldn’t be possible.

Sperm is a nutritionally rich and psychically super potent substance that requires significant amounts of raw materials. The blood stream provides these raw materials to the reproductive glands. This method requires the blood to withdraw precious elements from every part of the body including the liver, kidney, spleen, brain, and others.

Every organ of the body pays a high price to the glands in order to produce the life essence in the sperm. This is why frequent loss of this fluid depletes the body of many important nutrients and speeds up physical decline.

When you begin to realize how much work the body undergoes to get to the point where it creates sperm, haphazardly wasting it seems insane. The human being builds up this masterpiece of a potent life essence that has the power to elevate the human to higher levels of consciousness, but as it makes the substance the human immediately destroys it. This constant attempt at being energetically higher, but always destroying it is a physical illness that is manifested in various ways throughout our life.

As soon as the fluid is spent, the body strains to replace it. The faster sperm is used, the more the body is forced to produce.

“Sexual hormones are important to our harmonious development. When men abuse the reproductive function, the secretions of the sexual glands are lost.. resulting in mental and physical weakness, inability to concentrate, and a less tenacious memory.” Dr. Beyoihn

Chronic Masturbation

“The more you spend of sexual funds the more you will pay the debt later.” Mantak Chia

Chronic masturbation is the state of constantly masturbating with the end result being ejaculation. Depending on your upbringing and societal conditioning, masturbation can be kept at bay or intensify greatly. Some people start young, others older, some do it multiple times a day, others do it a few times a month.

Chronic masturbation has reached epidemic levels. Pornography is just a search away. Humans are doing it at greater frequencies and at younger ages. The human being is lured into adopting an energy destructive lifestyle at a young age and the habit becomes strongly established for the rest of the human’s life until they cannot physically continue.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t masturbate? Do you know anyone that doesn’t watch pornography? It is extremely rare. The habits are normalized and makes people assume it is normal and actually beneficial to do it.

The system tells you masturbation is good. The media tells you to enjoy yourself and be sexually free.

In the beginning a chronic masturbator will not feel the negative effects of the habit, only after years of abuse will his capacities begin to drop at a noticeable pace. As the hormonal secretions of the sexual glands continue to leach out, the body is sapped at its root. Within a period of time that ranges depending on the genetic makeup of the individual, creative and sexual abilities are lessened greatly, and the ability to withstand disease and old age are diminished.

Modern society is constantly providing new ways of regaining the capacities that have dropped and diminished from chronic ejaculation. The strength and power that has been constantly destroyed is sold in various ways such as drugs, supplements, growth hormones, medicines, and many other experimentations. Instead of understanding why the individual is lacking in vigor and power, the chronic masturbator seeks fake synthetic ways of recouping a life force that cannot be recouped.

An example of this attempt at regaining the capacities is erectile dysfunction. Man takes medicines like viagra to regain his capacity to mate instead of attempting to figure out the root cause of the problem. The energy destructive lifestyle continues without any meaningful solutions to ease the disrupted state of the man.

Stop Being A Chronic Masturbator

In order to stop destroying your energy, you must understand how valuable sperm is to your being and how ejaculating it is destructive to your energetic state and your ability to perform at higher levels.

Every time you ejaculate you are destroying the energy you have been accumulating for a small hit of dopamine that lasts a few seconds.

“If by leaving a small pleasure one sees a great pleasure, let a wise man leave the small pleasure and look to the great.”


Chronic masturbation afflicts all. This includes those that ejaculate during sex. Ejaculation of the semen for any purpose other than reproduction is a waste of energetic and life essence. You will feel the negative side effects immediately in the form of lowered energy, but the real negative effects will come from years of masturbation.

Changing the value you give sperm is fundamental in stopping chronic masturbation. The system has made you think sperm is easily replaceable and not worth much. This is a massive lie and you must begin to reprogram yourself to view it as extremely valuable. To observe how you feel when you ejaculate. Your energetic life depends on it.

As you begin to give sperm more importance, you can start putting negative feelings to ejaculation, and masturbation. Start to feel bad when you do it, observe how you lost energy, and enhance the negativity you feel. Strategically attack yourself. Be negative, but kind. Understand the pathetic lows you have allowed yourself to become.

You must start making masturbation be a negative experience for purposes of beginning to slow down and stop the habit.

Masturbation without ejaculation isn’t bad and a good way to circulate your energy, but if your focus is on radically stopping the masturbation habit, you must do what it takes to get rid of it and this mean being negative in the way you perceive it.

As you begin to put negativity on the masturbation habit, you will begin to stop watching pornography, you will begin to uplift yourself to continue to persevere through the temptations and difficult that you will experience in your path towards semen retention.

When you fail you will feel like shit, and you must embrace that feeling. Strive to not do it again and continue on the road to semen retention.

This took me years to get under control, but this was primarily because I knew little about the subject. I fell for the prostate cancer memes of not ejaculating. Instead of following my intuition I allowed the Mainstream to convince me of something I clearly knew was wrong. My hope is that my content and articles on this subject will provide you with the knowledge for you to understand what you are doing and not fall prey to the Mainstream.

You are a volcano that needs to manage the powerful force within you..

Increased Energy

As you begin to stop masturbating, you will begin to have increased aggression and energy. This is normal and expected. You are finally beginning to cultivate your sexual energy and you are feeling the effects of it.

You must find ways to use this energy in ways that won’t mean ejaculating.

“The reabsorption of semen by the blood is the strongest nourishment and, perhaps more than any other factor, it prompts the stimulus of power, the unrest of all forces toward the overcoming of resistances, the thirst for contradiction and resistance.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

This means going out for a run, working out, swimming, doing work, socializing, strenuous physical activity. You want to start getting your energy under control. Failure to do this will make you tempted to ejaculate that energy away.

Observe the aggression and energy levels you receive when you go without masturbating. Give it the positive energy it deserves, further cement the importance of semen, put more negativity on masturbation, these are the times you want to be doing more work on reprogramming yourself to want to cultivate your energy, and run away from energy destructive habits.

The next post will delve deep into how to circulate your energy. This will help in moving the energy from your balls and circulating it throughout your body.

Such circulation of energy is easy to adopt, but many will not do it.

In the meantime, as you are beginning to remove your masturbation habits you will need to find ways to manage your increased energy and aggression. Start learning how to redirect that increased energy, this is another way of cultivating your energy. You are learning how to harness the energy and direct it in ways that benefit you. Not just internally, but externally.

Building Foundation To Energy Cultivation

Your body produces sperm and transforms it into creative sexual energy. You can transform this stored sexual energy into spirit, pure awareness, and express it through creative personality at will.

When you don’t ejaculate, your sperm gets absorbed back into the system and the energy that was created in the process is available for the individual to benefit from it. This energy is sexual energy. Sexual energy has been used since the beginning of time to help the human being reach higher levels of thought, consciousness, understanding, being, and existence.

Many of the masters that have reached the apogee of their brilliance have pointed to their sexual energy as the engine to their development and fuel to their being.

“The major reason why the majority of men who succeed do not begin to do so before the age of forty to fifty, is their tendency to dissipate their energies through over-indulgence in physical expression of the emotion of sex.”

Napoleon Hill

Semen retention is the cornerstone of energy cultivation. Not wasting your sexual energy and life force on masturbation will provide you with increased energy that will be able to be circulated, cultivated, and directed to whatever you desire.

Start building the foundation to energy cultivation today. Start reprogramming yourself and retaining your semen gentlemen.

The next post will delve deep into how to circulate energy, microcosmic orbit, benefits of cultivation of energy, and more mental models on how to get over ejaculation temptations.