Cooked Foods Medusa

Mainstream Societal Beliefs

The mainstream societal beliefs rule over humanity. This rule is accepted and promoted by the majority of society.

Who creates the Mainstream societal beliefs? Most would assume this is an organic process that is brought about through progress, innovation, and a drive towards development. While a great percentage of change and established societal beliefs do come from such an organic process, a large part of Mainstream societal beliefs actually come from orchestrated moves by highly incentivized parties.

You can see the game play out in any setting.

In school you would see the collusion among students in pushing various beliefs. The popular kids set the tone and normally push the trends based on what most benefits them. The rest of the kids follow along and be constantly chasing the game to one day hope to become popular. The popular kids would be changing the games to benefit themselves and at the slightest hint of loss of popularity they would change the rules.

In companies you see the collusion among employees in pushing various beliefs. The powerful well connected employees set up the game in the company to benefit themselves. They know how to make others work for them and pass off the work of others as their own. They know how to frighten other employees by threatening to use their power and connected status in the company. The incentives are aligned to benefit specific employees and everyone else has to follow the game.

The same thing that happens at smaller settings is happening on a societal level.

The popular kids, the powerful well connected employees are the rich and powerful global elites. These global elites control massive swaths of global industry and make moves that have immense societal impacts. Their power and wealth changes the rules. Their power and wealth sets Mainstream societal beliefs.

The incentives to control and orchestrate Mainstream societal beliefs are immense. The incentives to create Mainstream societal beliefs that reap rewards to these global elites is insanely high and therefore the risk to execute it is extremely enticing, and therefore a certainty.

The mainstream societal beliefs rule over humanity. This rule is accepted and promoted by the majority of society.

The groups and individuals that are able to create Mainstream societal beliefs, are able to impose their rule over humanity. They are able to shape the reality of billions and make it a rule that is accepted and promoted by the majority of society.

Majority rules in putting down any dissent or opposing viewpoints that could indirectly interfere or break down any orchestrated moves created by the global elite.

The global elites utilize societal influencers to create these Mainstream societal beliefs. These societal influencers include athletes, politicians, celebrities, actors, media, news, corporations, etc. The societal influencers can be a building. What matters is that the societal influencers are able to begin to impose their new Mainstream societal beliefs or shape an existing societal belief in a way that benefits the established global elite order.

There are Mainstream societal beliefs that have enslaved humanity for thousands of years. These Mainstream societal beliefs are most powerful in continuing the enslavement of the human race and keeping the most powerful families and individuals in power. The game has always been the same.

Keep the most powerful in power, preserve and expand wealth among the most powerful, and keep the masses at a weakened enslaved position to preserve the power and wealth of the elites.

The mechanics of this game makes it so that many Mainstream societal beliefs are passed down generation to generation and no changes are made regardless of the new classes of elites that rise up and control the game.

The reason that no changes are made to these old established Mainstream societal beliefs is that is works extremely well to keep the masses under control and enslaved to the power structure.

One of these old established Mainstream societal beliefs that the power structure has utilized for thousands of years to maintain order over the masses is the widespread acceptance of cooked foods and mainstream derision of raw foods.

Cooked foods has had complete control of the Mainstream societal belief system for thousands of years. At this point nobody questions it, nobody assumes there is anything wrong with it, and anybody that questions it is considered insane.

The masses are doing the bidding of the power structure, continuing to keep safe the Mainstream societal beliefs that are keeping them beholden to the elites.

The longer a belief has been ingrained within the societal structure, the more difficult it becomes to detach the masses from a new reality or to launch a legitimate attack on the belief.

The masses will fight to the death in order to preserve long established beliefs. This is the genius and devious nature of the power structure.

But truth prevails. The light will shine the darkness.

Cooked Foods

Our society has been programmed to believe cooked foods helped humanity grow larger brains and be the humans it is today. Without cooked foods, humanity would’ve stayed at the monkey level and not been able to evolve.

Our society has been programmed to believe that our ancestors died between the ages of 20–30 and that the technological advancements of the day have allowed us to live to 70+ years of age.

These types of stories are rampant. We are told to believe these stories and not even attempt to delve deep into the reality of such stories.

Anyone with some critical thinking skills would begin to deconstruct these stories.

If we have been consuming cooked foods for millions of years as the societal structure seems to suggest, why hasn’t our brain grown faster? Why is our brain not grown in the last few hundred years? If anything we seem to be decaying and falling under disrepair. We look at the Renaissance and wonder when our own Renaissance will come about. Maybe cooked foods didn’t actually grow our brain. Maybe our brain was always at this size and instead of the changes of raw to cooked foods was a societal pressure and not necessarily related to evolution.

Now this brings to question the basis around evolution. Evolution is just a story that has been given all the power necessary to be seen as fact for good reason. Evolution makes humans believe they aren’t special beings and that we are animals ourselves, we aren’t that special therefore we can be treated like trash and disrespected the way the global elites disrespect us.

Evolution is a lie, but lets continue.

Ancestors died between the ages of 20–30. This one is the most preposterous one as civilization simply would not be possible if most humans died during, or shortly after reproduction.

Imagine a society without humans in their 50–70s, that is ridiculous. No society or civilization would be able to exist.

Yet we have evidence after evidence of massive extremely advanced civilizations. We have physical evidence of massive pyramids all over the world that are thousands possibly even millions of years old. None of this would be possible if average human death was 20–30.

These stories are not grounded in reality and instead of just what they are.. stories.

Do you take every story you hear as fact? Do you legitimately believe every story?

The stories surrounding cooked foods is significant. We have been programmed to believe you season your food, cook it and eat it. Fin, end of story, blog post over.

But what if there is more to diet and health than just cooking your food?

What if the stories we have been told about the way we evolved or were created are incorrect?

Why are humans degenerating? Losing muscles, shit posture, weakening health, and overall lower degree of strength?

Look around why are humans so fat and unhealthy? What is happening?

Cooked Foods plays the largest role in the health of humanity.

The basis of cooked foods is not based on reality.

The basis of cooked foods is based on a system that has been structured to keep you enslaved and weak. It is beneficial to have a weak and unhealthy populace in order to manipulate them easier.

The structure has been set up in a way where the incentives are for the continuation of the masses being enslaved and weak. The foundation of the system incentivize the furthering accumulation of power amongst the global elite, the cabal. The rest of the system then follows and continues following the incentives that were laid out by the system.

This is where highly processed oils, pasteurization, germ theory, processed foods, fertilizer, chemical treatment, environmental mistreatment all comes from. This doesn’t mean that the whole system is necessarily completely controlled and orchestrated, but rather that the incentives have been created and shaped to end up with these as the results of the incentives.

Cooked foods is the Medusa with the various snakes on its head. Each snake denotes the various diets that rise up and become popular. They all lead to the same path, weak immune system, improper digestion, ill health and submission to the system. It doesn’t matter what path you take, if you take the cooked foods path you will face the Cooked Foods Medusa.

We see this Cooked Foods Medusa phenomenon with the myriad of diets that are constantly being created, and the masses are blindly going from one to another.

Vegan, Paleo, Carnivore, Vegetarian, Ketogenic, Atkins, Mediterranean, and many more diets are all part of the Cooked Foods Medusa phenomena where the masses attempt to find the perfect diet but in the pursuit of finding the perfect diet, many more just end up cropping up trying to satisfy the void. All of them having the same result. Different colors, different variations, same crap.

The void will never be satisfied because the problem lies in the foundations of every diet that comes about. In the fact that the diet revolves around cooked foods.

This makes it so that any diet that is adopted will still continue to age the person, accumulate toxins, and create a recipe for illness and disease.

The person in turn resorts to adopting a new diet that crops up from the Cooked Foods Medusa phenomenon.

Cooked Foods Medusa keeping you trapped in the Cooked Foods Complex

The Cooked Foods Medusa will turn you into stone regardless of which snake you look at. Any cooked diet, regardless of what it promises will provide the end result of weakened immune system and suboptimal health.

The fundamental problem, cooked foods, is allowed to continue on its destructive path because few are willing to question the underlying societal norms and begin deprogramming themselves from such a profound and widespread norm.

Everybody cooks, restaurants serve cooked foods, eating together is an extremely social and constant activity. The idea that this cooked foods phenomena could disrupt what is so widespread and mainstream is difficult for the individual to grasp and begin moving towards the solution.

The void you have been looking for to provide you with perfect health, heal you from all your ailments, soothe your mental problems, is the raw primal diet.

Defeat the Cooked Foods Medusa and eat raw.

This is a series of articles, the next one will go in-depth about why cooked foods are killing you.




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