Crypto Fueled Globalization


Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide.

Globalization is the integration of local and national economies into a global, unregulated market economy.

Globalization has allowed the United States of America empire to extend it’s economic and military might around the world. New markets and sectors have opened up. The moneyed elites have benefitted most.

As wealth viability has been shown via Globalization, the globalist ideology has grown in power.

The populist backlash we have experienced with Donald Trump, Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orbán is a direct response to the rise of globalist ideology.

Globalist ideology wants to move towards a one world government where there are no borders and people are able to go anywhere. Having a one world government would greatly benefit elites and conglomerates as they would be able to exert their influence to a greater sphere and audience that is currently restrictive.

It is also believed that a one world government would create mechanisms in place to make war against elites unlikely.

The biggest threat is war that threatens the assets of the rich.

The next few decades will be a fight between nationalism and globalism.

This is where crypto comes into the fold.

Crypto is globalization.

Crypto is borderless and allows individuals to financially interact with each other with minimal barriers.

The present financial controls imposed on the flow of funds is powerful and highly restrictive.

Crypto is not beholden to the existing financial controls and allows the flows of funds to go where it is best served.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is a look into the new world that is coming.

Projects were able to raise millions from anybody around the world. It didn’t matter if you were an accredited investor or if you were 10 years old. There was no discrimination.

Globalization was beautifully showcased in the beginning of the ICO craze.

ICO craze showed two things:

  • People are willing to buy anything that sounds good if they are given the freedom to buy into it
  • Crypto is a perfect vehicle to raise funds as the transactions are unable to be blocked or slowed by the barriers within the existing financial system

Like any new technology, the ICO craze was a shit show. Majority of people lost money, and most projects will go nowhere.

But that’s okay. It’s normal to the development of a new asset class and technology.

The ICO craze makes globalists drool from the mouth.

The ability to fundraise large amounts of money from a pool of international money is amazing.

And this is just the beginning. ICOs were focused on utility tokens which was the way companies were able to skirt the existing security laws and take advantage of the hype train.

The real exciting part is STOs (Security Token Offerings) that are focused on actual assets and investment opportunities.

International STO exchanges that are able to bring investment opportunities to all parts of the world will change the game.

This will be a Binance for security tokens. Allowing anybody to buy investments in companies, projects, funds, etc.

A person from Thailand will be able to invest in Australia, a company from South Africa will be able to invest in Saudi Arabia.

The friction that existed in the past will be hidden under the functions of the exchange.

The flood of capital will move towards STOs as more investment deals move towards the open market instead of being restricted to small fragmented pools of money.

This will make Venture Capitalists, Investment Funds, and other institutions shift their methods of doing business. This new pool of international money will compete with the monopoly they have had holding the purse strings.

The barriers that allowed institutions to flourish will face significant competition that will change the relationships between retail money, investment money, and investment opportunities.

This is globalization. The barriers are broken down and funds are able to flow freely towards areas that attract the funds and are expected to reap maximum benefit.

Developed countries like the United States will continue the restrictions that exist in the market (security laws). Developed countries don’t have the funding needs that developing countries need.

Developing Countries Crave Capital

STO will thrive and attract the developing countries. Entrepreneurs that previously had difficulty getting loans and funds from banks will be able to raise funds from international investors.

It will get wild, just like the ICO game did, but the impact it will have on developing areas will be deep. It will further validate crypto and tokenization.

This is globalization and it is being driven by crypto.

Crypto is globalization.

The main point of contention to this belief is that STOs are just another scam and tokenizing assets is no different than having proof of ownership on paper.

The largest selling point of STOs will be the ease of purchase, selling, and handling. The user interface of buying and selling investments will be significantly easier to do.

If you want to buy into a real estate project in New Zealand. How are you able to do it right now?

WHO THE FUCK KNOWS (too much paperwork, research and time)

Imagine easy to use STO exchanges that allow you to easily invest in that real estate project in New Zealand.

The barriers that existed are now removed. This removal changes the way humans will interact with investments. Now your money goes farther. You are not restricted to the local and national area you live in.

You become a citizen of the world.

Crypto is the evolution of finance.

A whole new wave of interactions, customs, business and entities will be created that will radically change the way business is done and investments are made.

The ones that will benefit the most from this wave will be developing countries. They are the ones that will bring in STO markets with open arms.

The Irony

Globalists will have to figure out how to take advantage of the fact that crypto is globalization while limiting the powers that individuals gain with crypto.

Crypto might be the technology that levels the power balance between the wealthy and the poor. Crypto will provide the tools that allow any individual to interact with the global economy and benefit from the global economy.



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